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IK Foam Pro 2
IK Foam Pro 2
€28.95 *
IK Multi Pro 2
IK Multi Pro 2
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Products from Goizper Group

Goizper Group

Goizper Spraying designs, manufactures and markets Smart Spraying solutions for very various sectors, such as Agriculture & Horticulture, Gardening, Industry, Pests, Epidemics & Virus Control, Construction, Automotive, and Professional Cleaning, among others.

Goizper Group works in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard, accredited by external auditors in periodic reviews.

Within the Spraying Business Unit at Goizper Group, IK brand is the brand addressed to the Industrial sectors. Since the company's beginnings we have been offering resistant, safe and innovative products in the most professional segments: construction, cleaning & disinfection, industry & maintenance, automotive & detailing, pest control and the food industry.