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Specialty Hi-Dexterity 0.5 Cov

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  • MSD-55-008
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The Specialty High Dexterity 0.5mm Covert combines the best sense of touch with high dexterity...more

The Specialty High Dexterity 0.5mm Covert combines the best sense of touch with high dexterity and
also offers maximum freedom of movement and unique wearing comfort. Light and extremely breathable
the High Dexterity is the first choice especially in warm areas of application and under difficult conditions.
Optimum tactile sensitivity and lightly rubberised fabric on the palms provide the best grip, which
tools, multi-tools and even weapons fit perfectly in the hand and best handling is guaranteed.

high dexterity, best sense of touch
optimal fit, very good wearing comfort
breathable due to Trek Dry and optimal air circulation
good grip due to rubberised fabric

A deep-fitting low-wrist waistband gives the greatest possible freedom of movement and the continuously adjustable Velcro fastener
ensures individual adjustment and optimum hold. Flexible inserts on the Trigger Finger enable
unrestricted movement of the trigger finger. When millimetres count and maximum precision is required, then
offers the High Dexterity the necessary support.

Fit and wearing comfort:
deep-fitting, elastic waistband
infinitely adjustable velcro on the wrist

A deep neckline at the wrist and a large pull loop at the waistband allow for easy and quick dressing.
The High Dexterity can be quickly, easily and safely attached to equipment and clothing with the Gear karabiner.

Scope of delivery:
1 pair Mechanix Wear Specialty High Dexterity 0.5mm Covert
1 Gear karabiner

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